January 1, 2016

My mobile photography 2015

I still love shooting with my iPhone and while the camera of this little piece of technology get's better and better, i enjoy mobile photography more and more. It's not only great for capturing memories but also for serious photography when I don't have a big camera with me.

My Instagram-stream became something like a social diary with highlights of my year. I've been on as many hikes as never before, was on trips to shoot photos for ZEISS and Mercedes and went to Mallorca to take promotional photos for a german musician.

I still use VSCOCam for processing most of the time but also got hooked with RNIFilms. Some time ago, i even bought proper lenses to go onto the iPhone from Moment. So far i only own the wide angle lens but i like it so much that i will definitively give the 60mm a go too!

For 2016 i decided to use my Instagram account not only for my mobile photography but also for my other shots, just like i use Flickr. It seems like the days where Instagram was a mobile-only network are gone and i feel like i'm missing out on sharing and discussing in this big community. So it'll be best, if you simply follow me 😉

My Instagram Account

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