November 9, 2014


Since i moved to the city Stuttgart, i keep saying, that for me, it's like the San Francisco of Germany. I've never been to SF but that's how i would imagine it and how i know it from pictures. Because it's built between mountains, Stuttgart has many streets going uphill and many steps between streets. There is also a subway that adds to the feeling. While wandering through the streets with Alexander Pollnow (a Stuttgart based Photographer) today, i took a few shots to explain what i mean. Maybe you guys see it too?







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3 comments on “Stuttgartcisco”

  1. I cannot see much of Stuttgart, because the most part of the images is all blurry n stuff. Very nice photos, though. I really like the colors!

  2. Hey Christopher, congrats just wandered through some of your shots and I must again say this is a wonderful work of ART....always enjoy your photos....

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