July 26, 2013

Homemade Oreo-Cupcakes by Bianca

Words by Bianca


I remember the first time I got involved with baking pastry. I was 10 years old and at home alone, flipping through some cookbooks from my mom. There I found this recipe of a banana cake. Somehow I wanted to try it out, no one would interrupt me. Luckily I had all the ingredients at home so I could start right away. It was an adventure that I was hurling myself into and it turned out to be surprisingly tasty and edible, at least that's what my mom told me when I served her a piece.
Since then many years had passed, good and bad results turned out, and I still haven't lost interest in it.
I think the process itself is very relaxing somehow, even though I'm still risking a little adventure each time I start. There's no dependance that the result will be satisfying, it's always risky business. But when you get to see the smiling faces after they took the first bite it was worth the excitement.
Somebody once told me that baking means love. Everyone could cook

but baking especially is done with love. Sweet love I would say. It's the secret ingredient that makes the outcome delicious. I experienced that when I'm not fully committed to the process, because of stressful situations or bad moods, I would fail.
There's nothing bad about failing, it still happens, but it takes passion for every little detail that you do, like in any other creative process. The whisking, the measuring, the decoration...it tests your patience. And as we all know patience is a virtue.
If these facts aren't given I suppose your result would not taste the same. So even baking could be seen as a carrier of mood.
However, the outcome of this recipe was very tasty. Everyone loves Oreos, so why not try to combine it in a sweet cupcake?
The cupcake itself was chocolate flavor containing a whole cookie inside with a swiss buttercream meringue and for the grande finale a half cut cookie on top!







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