March 15, 2013

Prague day 2

On the first evening, Alex and I made the plan to get up pretty early on the next morning to capture Prague in the morning light… of course we didn’t. Instead of that we took a long sleep and were watching Dragonball Z before we got out of the hotel to grab some breakfast at a bar. We spent the rest of the day wandering out the city near the Charles bridge to see some of the touristic spots of prague. On the way to Charles bridge, we found a Café called “Kafka Snob Food”. A really photogenic place with nice fruit cakes.

On the Charles Bridge I found a photographer called Petr Brincil, who sells his photographs there for over 20 years now. He had some amazing shots of Prague and the bridge in his portfolio but I decided to buy a much more personal work from him: A portrait of his son, which is more a snapshot because it was taken while his son was watching a TV show but I saw so much depth and personality in this shot that I decided this would be the best thing, I could take home with me from Prague: A very personal work of a local photo artist.

Later that day, we landed in the Hard Rock Café to grab some dinner and on the evening we visited the bar “Room” again because Nette wanted to see it too. As she did this boring action and was going to bed very early on the first evening, letting Alex and me discover Prague at night alone, we decided to call such a weak action “To pull a Nette”. 😉

iPhone Shots

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Polaroids Part 2

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