September 10, 2012

9/52 People - Julia

I know Julia since a long time but we didn't really have a lot to do with each other in the past. A few months ago, i discovered that she's the colleague of one of my friends and somehow we came to the topic to make a shooting together. We did that shooting last Thursday but before we did that, i asked her for this 52people portrait because she's exactly the kind of person i wanna have in this series.

Originally we tried something different for the second photo but i loved her natural expression on that one so much that i choose to upload that.

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One comment on “9/52 People - Julia”

  1. Puuuh da hast du aber nachgelassen - die anderen bisher haben mich richtig vom Hocker gehauen ... Das zweite ist für mich um Längen besser als das erste! 😉

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