January 11, 2013

Paper & Places - Bandshooting

It happened in early 2012 that i heard a song on the radio that i instantly tagged with Shazam. i appeared to be "A Hero" by the band "Paper & Places". On the same day i found their EP on spotify and was happy that i discovered a great new indie band. I expected that Paper & Places are an america-based constellation which is still unknown in Europe. But on the other day, i googled them and surprisingly found out, that they all lived just a few kilometers from my hometown. I gave it a try and contacted them for some bandphotos with no expectations to get any reply but a few days later they answered that they're absolutely in.

So on one sunny day in August 2012 i visited them and we had a very long shooting, stumbling through the area around their practicing-room and through the city of Regensburg. They also wanted to get some natural portraits with not too much posing and i loved doing such photos because it really felt more like shooting a band's "portrait" than simply their promotional-photos.

Oh and one other thing i have to tell: At the end of the shooting, we where interrupted by the police and they forced me to delete some really, really good photos so i can't show them on the internet but they can't force me not to tell this message: If you really wanna create great art and great photos, don't let any barriers and fences stop you from that. As long as you don't hurt anybody or don't destroy anybody's property: jump over every fence that gets into your way and break every barrier that keeps you from getting a great photo. Please.

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4 comments on “Paper & Places - Bandshooting”

  1. Die Fotos sind wirklich toll geworden! Und was für Bilder musstest du löschen? Bei mir kam auch schon mal die Polizei zu einem Shooting. Wir waren auf einem Rapsfeld und dachten schon, der Bauer hätte sie gerufen, aber nein... erregte Nachbarn dachten wir würden mit dem Reflektor Flugzeuge/Piloten blenden und zum Absturz bringen wollen. Sowas Beklopptes habe ich auch noch nie gehört 😀

    1. Naja, bei uns war's etwas gröber, die Jungs sind am Rand einer Brücke gesessen, die über Eisenbahnschienen verlief und haben die Beine runterbaumeln lassen. Ein besorgter Anwohner hatte dan angerufen, dass da gerade ein Suizidalakt begangen wird 😉

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