August 6, 2012

4/52 People - Nette

Nette is for me, what i'd call a perfect fashion-model. She simply got the look. Her Eyes are so catchy and special that is was clear for me that she had to play a role in this 52people-project. When i say to her "give me that sensual look into the camera", it simply works. That's why i shot her before and why i have planned another shooting very soon with her. And i'm really looking forward to that 'cause it's gonna be some kind of fashion-style. This time i'd choose to convert the image to black&white. Why? I'm really no black&white fan but when i tried this on the the picture, i had for the first time ever the feeling "hell yeah, black&white is perfect for this picture!".

Moreover Nette has a really good music taste, not too far away from mine that's why she did choose the platter as a theme for the diptych. You see the Beatle's White Album here. Littel funny fact: The record label of the beatles was called "Apple" and when Steve Jobs asked to use the name for his computer company, the Beatle's lawyer said "It's ok, if your company won't ever have anything to do with music"... whoops 😉

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