July 24, 2012


Style is like the inaudible hush you experience when everything seems right. Like when you walk into someone's well-designed home. [...] It is impossible to say what stands out the most, because nothing stands out at all - everything fits together and belongs.

~Chris Orwig (from the book "People Pictures")

A few weeks ago i received a Facebook-message from Elena, asking me if i'd shoot her Portrait. Like every photographer would do, i started with stalking her profile, especially the photos to see what kind of person she is. I immediately recognized her very present style which was an eye-catcher from the first moment on. Of course her natural beauty was the top for everything so i grabbed the chance and said "yes".

I had a conceptual series in my mind for which she would fit perfectly and i think i'm going to do this series in the next time with her. For now, i was shooting some character-portraits for her. She knew a nice place not far from her hometown. An abbandonded place where we need to break in trhough a window (don't mind, the window was already broken 😉 ). It's been a really cool and big building with many floors and some nice rooms, an attic and nice lights comming throught the windows. A really cool place to shoot.

So thank you Elena, for contacting me, for this cool shooting, the really nice photos and that awesome location!


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4 comments on “Shelter”

  1. Wow, tolle Aufnahmen und eine herrliche Austrahlung. Auch die Bearbeitung passt klasse zu Model und Location. Das einzige Bild welches mir nicht so zusagt ist das Schwarzweiß. Es passt für mich nicht so ganz in die Serie.

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