July 18, 2012

He and a cat

Oh, come one, you want it too! Admit it 🙂 I really looooove cats and it seems like i have a good hand for them. I do have a cat living at my flat too. Louise is pretty shy in front of the camera but maybe i should snap her more often.

When i visited Anastasia and Marcus on Monday, i only wanted to shoot photos with Marcus but when he started to play with their birma-twins Fin and Emmy, i couldn't resisit putting the nifty fifty on and pointing the camera to the cats. Seriously: These are some of the cutest things i've ever seen 🙂 I snapped all these shots in about 3 minutes. These kitten are so nice and easy to shoot! First i didn't want to show these photos on the blog but Connie grabbed my camera yesterday and looked through the photos and when her eyes where suddenly sparkling, when she saw the cat-photos, i decided to show them to the world 😀

Please see these photos only as snapshots, processed quick and dirty with lightroom.


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