July 7, 2012

Sunday Haze


Seraphine (yes, that's really her name and the "e" at the end is spoken too) is a professional model for only a short period of time now but i got the feeling, that she is doing that for a long time already. She did a nice job when i came to acting and expression in front of the camera. I was a bit surprised by her size, she is one head smaller than me and i'm really no big person. The good thing about it: I could take her photos very easy. In other cases, i need to get on my tiptoes but not this time 🙂

The location we shot in, was an empty house near the place where she lives. The house belongs to her grandfather and can be rented as some kind of holiday home. We found some nice spots there and i was especially amazed by the light and shadow, that appeared in some of the rooms. We really had some creative flash and i did some things, i haven't done before. And i've especially been brave enough to face some tricky light situation but the 5D worked them smoothly 🙂 So also a big thanks to Seraphine for being such a great model and this nice location!

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3 comments on “Sunday Haze”

  1. Wow, super Fotos gefallen mir durch die Bank sehr gut. Hast Du eins der Photoshop Actions dafür genutzt?
    Die tolle Schärfe gefällt mir auch sehr gut *thumbs up*

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