June 10, 2012

Viareggio Beach (The Tuscany Series)

Größere Kartenansicht

On the last morning, Daniel forced me to get out of the bed at about 4:30 again to shoot another series at dawn but it was a good decision. We got out of the Hotel in Livorno and drove about 40 minutes to Viareggion to get some nice beach scenes. We soon found this little beach. It was really a special mood. I think i've never seen a sunrise on a beach (well ok, it was pretty cloudy so there wasn't much sun) and i loved the quiet mood. There where only a few people around from time to time. It was pretty quiet and lonely. Only the sound of the waves and some birds... it's been really beautiful.

Most of these photos are processed with my "Sundried Film" Photoshop action.

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One comment on “Viareggio Beach (The Tuscany Series)”

  1. Man kann wirklich in deinen Bildern sehen, dass du ein gutes Auge für die unwichtigen Dinge im Leben hast! Ganz wunderbarer Stil... alle bilder sind sehr gelungen, wobei mir die Bilder mit viel Bokeh am meisten gefallen! Sehr gut!

    liebe Grüße

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