June 3, 2012

Livorno (The Tuscany Series)

Größere Kartenansicht

When we left Florence on our second Tuscany day, we headed towards Livorno on the east coast. We found this little city on the internet and wanted to find a special place with a chessboard-ground, we found on the internet. First we ended up in the Harbor and i snapped of the ships there but then finally, we found the square, we where looking for but we've been a little bit disappointe because it wasn't as big as we expected. At least, we got some nice sunset on the sea.

On the same evening, we went out to find some other spots too but unfortnately, we weren't very happy. We drove until Pisa but couldn't find a nice spot on the sea to capture some other photos.

When we checked into the hotel, the receptionist was pretty old and could only speak italian but somehow funny, we understood everything she was trying to tell us, even the breakfast times and where we can find our rooms. It really was a funny, old italian Lady 🙂

All these Shots are processed with my Sundried Film Photoshop Package.

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2 comments on “Livorno (The Tuscany Series)”

  1. Ah, this is where I am from.
    If only you had kept on walking from the "chessboard ground" towards not the city, but the other side, you would have found beautiful spots on the sea.. you would have had to walk a while, but that 's so pretty.
    And having a car, you could have gone to "Romito" . You need to climb down the cliffs at apposite spots, but oh my the views are spectacular there, especially at sunset.

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