April 26, 2012

A thousand miles away; Arad, Romania

When i was a child, i spent many of my school holidays at my grandparents place in Arad, Romania. We took the 12 hour car ride once a year but i couldn't speak the language at least a little bit. My grandparents had a big garden behind their house and they had some place for their animals like pigs and chicken so everything we did eat there, was completely fresh and made by themself.

Some things that i remember as typical things for Romania are the closed blinds on the windows of every house. I can't remember that the blinds of my grandparents house where ever open when i was there. The completely street where they lived was like a little family. Everyday we got visited by some neighbors and they didn't call before they came over and got something to drink or to eat. It was completely usual. I also remember many geese on the streets but unfortunately i didn't see them this time so i couldn't capture them.

Sure the complete place changed a lot during the years. The dirty Tracks are normal streets now and the center of Arad looks even better than some of the cities here in Germany. It doesn't feel as much as an "East-European-Coutnry" as it did some years ago. Last weekend i made my maybe last visit to my grandparents house and took the chance to capture the look and feel of this place.

All the photos are processed with my upcoming Photoshop-package. You still have the chance to sign up for the beta-test of this package.

(sorry for no German version this time, i have some trouble with the language-plugin)

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2 comments on “A thousand miles away; Arad, Romania”

  1. Danke für die tollen Bilder und den damit verbundenen "Ausflug". Darf ich ganz off-topic fragen welche Schriftart bei "a thousand miles away" verwendet wurde?

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