November 14, 2011


I met Conny in late summer 2011 for the first time. All the things i remember are some really good tea, a very insightful conversation about music and some bright, blue eyes. Well and there was this sentence that i didn't speak out. At this time i already knew that i would absolutely love to have a photo-shooting with her but i thought it would be a bit unsuitable to start with such a topic on the first meeting.

Some weeks later she messaged me on Facebook and told me that she loved my photos so it was the perfect moment and i asked her for a shooting. I was actually thrilled when she immediately said "yes". As we shared some more words about photography, i knew that these are going to be some awesome pictures because we had the same ideas 'bout how they should look like. The weather was perfect and we where able to get really more photos out of the location than i thought we would, which was also closely related to Conny's creative mind and the fact that she wasn't shy and full of trust in front of my camera. So a big "Thank you" to Conny for her time, her open mind and the overwhelming photos.

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8 comments on “Conny”

  1. Hello Christopher.
    This is really a beautiful session. She must be truly proud.

    I wanted to ask you what lens did you use here?


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