November 1, 2011

An October full of magic moments

October is a great month for photographers. The light is perfect most of the day. It's a warm and soft light, light a sunset all day long. But october has also many faces: our early october was like a late summer but in the end it was a perfect autumn with leafs covering all streets and parks.

All Apple-fanboys (like i am) had a really exciting month. The iPhone 4s has been realeased, with a great new camera. It's absolutely fun to shoot with that phone because it has an maximum aperture of 2.4 which works low-light situations very fine. Some events casted a shadow over the iPhone 4s release, Steve Jobs' death for example. A short shocking moment for me 'cause apple lost his "face" but i'm pretty confident that the company will coutinue it's advance. We also had some problems with the iPhone 4s supply here in germany and some of people who preordered the phone haven't received it yet. So i'm pretty lucky, i only had to wait three days for mine!

Anyway, have fun with my october-shots!

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