September 8, 2011

The Black Picks - Bandshooting

A few days ago i had a photoshooting with the Black Picks, a local band from Ingolstadt where i used to be the guitar player at a few years ago. We planned to do the shooting on a sea, surrounded by a small forrest. When we arrived at the sea, there were millions of mosquitoes and i was full of mosquito bikes after only five minutes so we decided to abort the shooting there.

Anyway we had no choice but shooting the photos on that day because it was the last summer day where all the band members had the chance to come together so we had to improvise a bit. We decided to change the location to a big grassland right behind their band room. We couldn't do the "jumping into the water"-photos there (which we originally planned) but i think we got some nice portraits and band photos anyway.

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4 comments on “The Black Picks - Bandshooting”

  1. Good job Christopher! The series where you focused the person in the middle is impressive although the idea is a simple one. 🙂

    1. Du darfst auch deutsch schreiben 😉 Danke, die Idee hatte ich mal bei nem anderen Bandshooting in etwas abgeänderter Form und wollte das Wiederholen, ohne unbedingt genau das gleiche zu machen, dabei ist mir dann diese Version eingefallen!

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